Hi, I am Angelos Karakonstantakis and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Crete. My research interests includes extragalactic astrophysics with main emphasis on active galactic nuclei. Currently, I am preparing my undergraduate thesis, modeling AGN's variability in X-rays under the supervision of Prof. Iosif Papadakis.

Outside research since my High School days I have joined Crete Astronomy Friends Club where I was given the opportunity to interact with other amateur astronomers and help towards the outreach of astronomy. Apart from being a member of Crete Astronomy Friend Club, I am also a leading member of the Student's Astronomy Group of University of Crete. During my collaboration with Student's Astronomy Group and Crete Astronomy Friends Club I have:

Other Skills

When I am not occupied by any activity related with Astronomy, I like traveling, hiking and more.. feel free to ask me for my interests (see contact information).